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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 3, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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targeted by the irs. i will so you on the five. on alert. the state department issuing a worldwide travel alert and plans to shut down two dozen embassies and conflict. all of this based on a new al-qaeda act. we'll talk to an ambassador that knows the region well. the head of the irs turns his back on obama care. the co players in the now law don't want it for themselves. and regulation nation. democratic senator manchin confronts his own party leader for the war on coal. the west virginia leader how he is planning to fight the new
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head of the environmental protection agency. >> and behind memphis bombing bow- toy business. you will want to meet mo. america's news headquarters starts right now. hello, everybody. we begin with what has everyone talking this woke week. a global warning from the state department. two dozen consulates will be closed tomorrow because of a massive terrorist threat. some are questions about the timing and how the administration is handling this. molly is joining us live. >> president obama we are learning was briefed on the potential al-qaeda terrorist threat and there is two prongs of how the obama administration is handling the terror attack.
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warning all americans about international travel spectacularly in the midoast and north africa. and two embassies and consulates will close as a precaution. tomorrow is also president obama's birthday and the now president of iowa ran is supposed to be worn in. before the president left to play golf he got an update and he will get additional updates throughout the woke week. the embassies and consulates that will close will stretch from eastern africa to bangladesh. the u.s. picked up increased chatter that a terror attack plan is in the final stages and could be carried out in coming days. two top republican law makers are spoking out on the alert. homeland security chairman peter
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king said there is specific information there is a plot but not chlor where and representative mike rogers said the threats are real and source. one fox nows military analyst shoes that various cells of al-qaeda are linking up. >> they can threaten wide areas of the world, american interests in wide areas of the world and do it with impunitiy. we learned about what happened in benghazi when you don't send out alerts. it shoes how the american influence is waning in this part of the world. congressman king said the main driving forces al-qaeda in the ar arab peninsula. >> as molly mentioned, newsna germany and united kickdom will
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close their embassies in yemen. the situation in yemen is volatile with continuing unrest and violent clashes and threat the escalation of violence and disorder remains. if you travel to yemen against our advice you should regularly reassess your security and plan and movements around the country carefully. >> it is chlor that al-qaeda interest raise concerns disspite dismantling the terrorist operation. this particular warning to embassies and travellers is raising questions about the timing of the attack. our next guest knows what it is loc to live in that part of the world. edwin walker has been an ambassador to israel and egypt and united arab emirates.
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>> what do you make of the timing of this warning now? >> the organizations try to target big dates and gives them more exposures and encourages their appearance and so on. you have to watch out when you get chose to september 11th. that is a big date for them. it is also a factor that this is the period of ramma dan and clos ramma dap and religious holiday of great importance and also plays in the desire to make a splash at this poip in time. i don't think the date or timing is unusual. the fact is, what is unusual is the spectacular kinds of conversations that our people are listening to. >> you think closing two embassies and consulates is a response to safe guard against
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security lapses that were evident in the tragedy in benghazi? >> certainly. when i was assistant secretary we closed all of the embassies in the araban pensin sulas because we had information they didn't have. and the white house has to take responsibility. the president who takes the heat on this. it is not unprecedented. we closed a lot and that issued this global threat last year before september 11th, and it is only a prudent action to be taken and if it saves lives tis all the more important. and if you don't do it and something happens, somebody will pay a price. >> there are those who suggest if this threat is tied to al-qaeda in yemen it may be in response to the recent deaths of the deputy leader there.
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>> we are successful in knocking off leaders of al-qaeda in the araban penin sula. we are down to -- we have killed 22, and 1 is still at large, throw turned themselves in. and so yeah, they, they so the role danger here and we aree areect -- effective. >> what does it do to the world. and what message does it send to the terrorist? >> it sends the message that indeed, we are on top of this. and they can't operate in the shadows anymore. and it may convince them not to go forward with the plan they have in place. they may think well, we have got the tabs on them. and soine if it does that, it is a success.
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but also it tells our own people that it is source. if i am an ambassador in saudi arabia and egypt and the u.s. government orders me to close my embassy and all they do chose your embassy, i am some what skeptical about it. i had one case where the ambassador refused to do it. that doesn't help. and so, they have to send a message to the american public and send a message to the terrorist and to our own people. nmr. ambassador, thank you for joining us with your insight. we appreciate it. >> news that a botched attack on an indian consulate in afghanistan killed nine people there, most of them children. they set off a car bomb as they approached a checkpoint in ja la la bad.
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>> the wall street journal said a grand jury is investigating a company that investigated edward snowden and whether the latest security back check firm cut corners to increase its process. the firm is fully cooperating with the government and declined to comment any further on this case. treasury secretary jack l. ew is accused of blocking an investigation in the irs. elizabeth is following the latest thread. >> subpeona documents from the administration this week accusing jack lew's agency of getting in the way of targeting and investigation of conservative groups. what has been handed over was
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largely filled with redakzs. they were zeroing in on danny werfel. >> you delivered less than one percent. excuse me for standing. i have to get over your stack. you delivered less than one percent of the documents. >> i disagree. >> and the agencies not blocking the investigation and the irs was planning to turn over pages by friday. this is as eliowa ja h general talked about george blocking information. >> and so you were about to hand us documents, the same coined of documents mr. issa just asked about and then the id said no? >> we are involved in a thorough comprehensive effort to fully cooperate with all of the congressional committees that
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are asking for witnesses and documents. >> and in a joint statement. leaders of the senate finance committee wants the irs to be more cooperative and release more documents. >> thank you very much. that is not all of the problems. the acting chief danny werfel is saying he doesn't want obama care. >> i can speak for myself. i prefer to stay with the current policy that i am plosed with rather than go through a change if i don't need to go through that change. >> as you might imagine that is fuelling the critics of the law and encouraging werfel to distance himself from the agency. >> welcome. >> how are you now? >> what prompted werfel to make it public on a personal side he
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wont opt for obama care? >> he's got a good health care program. it is telling you that the folks who run the government of the united states, they have a good deal, and they take a look at what president obama passed and said that is not a good deal and we don't want it. there is a trend in the government for 3 or 4 decades now, where government employees, especially in the federal level and upper levels, they vote for themselves and receive pay and benefits that the average citizens are not receiving and role working americans are not seeing real incomes rise in actual terms in like 40 years and folks in government moved above and beyond that and that helps to explain the growing dichotemmy between government and the american people. >> and here you have werfel who is the latest to add his name to
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the list of growing opponents to the current state of obama care and unions not signing on to this. >> and that is right. what is coming, republicans have been critical of that and vast majority of americans if they had an option they would vote no on obama care. but coming down the road is obama care and hard to so how the republican party or conservatives in the congress stop it. senator cruz said they ought to pass a continuing resolution and dropout all follow-upping for one program, obama care. that could shift do you like the obama care to do you want to see the government shutdown and that would divide the country and republicans. i think we have coming up this october, a real donnie brook that make its look insignificant.
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>> the president is on in a real way. there are those who are critical of obama care what want the gop to stand together and try to defund obama care in a time when many people thought that opportunity had passed. narcotics you -- >> you are right. the republican party wants to do everything it can to block obama care. 55- 40, the count row is against it. but can can it be done. the time is on the president's side. deadlines have passed one after another and i guess you get exchanges that go in affect in october 1st. and if you move we are trying to stop obama care and if we have to shut down the government, then the coalition you brought
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together, i think it could divide and you can so the republicans moving at each other's throats and a lot of harsh language. senator cruz is leading the battle and the hawks in the senate are doing battle and they want boehner's house to take the lead and say obama care will not be funded. but in the senate harry reid said it goes back in. is the government then shut down? and then is the issue of obama care or who shut down the government? and who do you think that president obama will place the blame? if you will, the old civil war. lee had the high ground and gettysburg and then you send the by up to picket the charge and what do you do then? >> it is a pleasure to have you
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and it is shaping up to be a battle. >> it really is. >> monday is believed to be the deadline for yankee's all-star alex rodriguez and 13 other players to accept suspension. major league baseball is threatening rodriguez with a lifetime ban. after the game he feel said he felt singled out. >> all of the stuff in the background and people are finding creative ways to cancel your contract and stuff like that. that is concerning for me and concerning for the present and future players as well. there is a process and i am excited about the way i feel tonight and i will keep fighting. >> now rodriguez is the highest paid player in the majors. he could avoid a lifetime ban if he avoids a suspension.
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ndemocratic senator joe manchin said the white house is waging a war on coal and telling the administration to back off. but are they listening? and why are 10,000 california inmates going to be released early? a last ditch effort to stop it and held captive for 11 years. mishil knight said thank you. and touching the union next. stay with us. ♪ i gotta go deposit a check, transfer some money. so it's your uncle's turn.
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plus, get free delivery and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. you'll never find an interest rate lower than sleep train's interest-free for 3 event, on now! superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> michelle knight, an emotion will return to the neighborhood she was held for a decade in. she returned to thank the neighbors for their support. >> she was very happy and she is thankful for the people who helped her. >> and this week castro was sentenced to life in prison without parole. the so- called house of horrors will be demolished. >> looks like almost 10,000
9:22 am
california prisoners will be released early because of prison overcrowding there. the supreme court is refusing to delay the appeal from governor jerry brown. dom nick has the latest on the situation. >> it most certainly is. it is five months to reduce the prison population by 10,000 despite repeated warnings from jerry brown that releasing further inmates moans setting dangerous felons free. in a ruling by anthony kennedy. they refused to grant the state a reprieve. low risk prisoners are in county jail. the state reduced prison population by 46,000 in the past six years or so but it is 30 percent over capacity. it locks like governor brown's
9:23 am
hands are forced on this. he risks a contempt of court charge. this is a decision in a decade- old case. the highway court rowelled that conditions in the prisones violate the cruel and unusual punishment. and cited them in the open gym nasaium style roms and one called it telephone both size changes and without toilets. the supreme court is divided. schedulia. & that is in the supreme court. but it is unclear if the ruling will help end a hunger strike. and they are protesting conditions in solitary
9:24 am
confinement. california can a pole and last night brown's office was going to do that. >> all right. dom nick thank you very much. >> four fighters in boise, ida ho. after a throw alarm fire engulfed the house and forced it to collapse. the flames were so intense they didn't try to enter the building. those four fires were called away as the side of that structure gave away. no one was home at the time and no four firefighters were injured. >> a global security threat. and other countries are joining in. we'll have the latest on the situation. and the impact of the sequester far and wide and making an impact on summer- time spots. we'll tell you how a popular air
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welcome back. france and great britain are joining the u.s. in closing embassy in the middle east and other regions of the world. two united states embassy and consulates will be closed because of a security threat. a global travel warning is issued and urging americans to take extra precaution in public transportation and popular tourist sites. outbreak of stomach illness linked to a salad mix from a mexican farm. it was served in olive guarden and red lobster restaurants. it is caused by a parasite usually found abroad.
9:30 am
>> and fake guns and a robbery scone. eight police officers who didn't know it was really taking place and descended on the actors. thankfully it was sorted out before anyone was injured. the student was told of proper protocols. >> and well, the ejepgz government offers protestors a deal to the muslim brother hod if they abandon their protest and play a new role in the government. protestors are saying no deal. fox news conner powell is joining us live on theuation, connor? >> it is still in a crisis and clashes between the pro morsi muslim brother hod and military backed government continued with several taking place last night and international pressure from
9:31 am
the united states and other places in europe are having a positive affect. it may be laying the found egg of a peace deal. the egyptian government is till threatening toous force. but the brotherhood said that morsi must be reinstated and they are negotiated approximate what happens next. >> there is no sdoir to use force if every other avenue. if there is any other avenue that can be occurring. >> throw hundred people have been killed since the top military general removed morsi from power. the muslim brother hod blames him for the deaths. and the fact that the muslim
9:32 am
brotherhood is talking about a agreement is a step forward. cording to the pentagon secretary of defense chuck hagel, he supported him to support a inclusive process. they are supporting a political reconciliation of sorts. but uma this country is dopely devoided and talks about negotiations have sprung up and today is the first day either side offer flexibility, maybe laying the foundation of an agreement and ending all of this croisis, uma. nconner, talking to us from a volatile part of the world. >> it is a war of words. iran calling israel rounded for the islamic world. the government said the remarks were misinterpreted. and after hearing the remark,
9:33 am
israel and supporters slammed the son to be president saying his comments should serve to wake up the world from the illougz that he would be different than past iowa republicanian leaders. >> sometimes young people in america get a bum rap for being lazy. not this child. you will mote a memphis by you will not soon forget. he will talk about his budding business selling bow ties. and a west virginia senator fighting for his lively hod. >> not only a war in west virginia it is going on around the world. with the spark miles card from capital one,
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>> welcome back everybody. locks look a plan to arm teachers and jantors with weapons is off of the table. they wanted them to be allowed to carry handguns. but the inspector said they didn't have the licensing to put security guardses janitors. they are looking for other ways to patrol the districty campus. >> republicans and democrats claping that the obama administration is waging a war on coal and they will not go down without a fight.
9:39 am
senator joe manchin was one of the democrats that met with the epa chief in the white house. i asked him how he would characterize the moting with the epa chief mccarthy in >> it was a direct. it was very respectful and it was productive i believe, uma. i was very plosed with the meeting. it was the first time we had the head of the epa and miguel rodriguez from the white house. they understand where we are coming from and we are able to be specific on the problems we are having and they created and what it will do to the coal industry in west virginia and this country and the reloyability to the energy that we depend on. >> do you think that you met headway in getting the folks that you have to convince there to back off a bit from the
9:40 am
regulation in >> i hope so. be responsible and reasonable and look at the facts. uma, there is 8 billion tons of coal in the world. we burn 1 billion in america. if the president and this administration believes that reducing and eliminating the use of coal in america it will clean up the global environment, i don't think it stops in north america. there is more coal being burned. china burns half of the coal in the world in china. >> you are on record saying that you believe that the administration is waging a war on the coal industry, do you stand by that? >> i told them that, absolutely. it is not just cheap talk or i'dle rhetoric.
9:41 am
it is a real statement a war on coal you set standards that are unattainable and that means you want to eliminate or reduce and basically do away with coal or coal foured plans. and you want foul switching and not to market take the lead. you want to do it through regoulgz and legislation. not only a war on coal in west virginia and america, there is a war on coal by this administration going on around the world. >> youritate has suffered in terms of job loss. is it true so far west virginia lost 7,000 jobs? >> yes, the coal industry today. we had representatives from united moin workers and myself and our congressman and governor, there and we were there basically saying, it didn't matter if you are democrats or republicans, these
9:42 am
are role people's lives. and this is a productine the energy department said about 40 percent of the energy comes from coal. if that is the case and the eia will depend on coal for 36 percent in the next 30 years. how can you be in denial when you know you have to have it. why don't you work with us? i don't need adversaris. i would think my federal government should be my partner. >> i know you asked those officials and epa chief to come and so firsthand the impact of what regoulgzs can do to the industry in your state. what is the next step and where do things stand at this point? and do you hope to so real changes on the horizon based on the meetings so far? >> i am hopeful. but the dilog out of the white
9:43 am
house is not to hopeful but we'll see. i hope gin mccarthy will understand that this is a resource that has built america. coal led the industrial revolution. and makes the stills and guns and fact rows, we have done it all in our little state and we want to provide the energy this country needs. we need the administration, our president to step up and be our partner. that's not to which to ask for. >> senator manchin. thank you for joining us on the insights on this controversial matter. we wish you all of the best. >> thank you for having me. another mission in space launches today. four tons worth of splois set to be is not to the international space station. they will be sending water and spare parts and experiments for
9:44 am
investigating space investigation and earth monitor. there is an international kopgz. >> a connecticut doctor whose wife and daughters were killed. he and his now wife are expecting a baby. they married last august. petits were held hostage for several hours and their home set on four. >> now a time out to give you headlines. we let you the vowers to decide from the list of colorful ones that caught our attention this week. sweet reward. why and how a couple of teens were rewarded for a random act of kindness? or happiest years of life,
9:45 am
wondering when people are most happy in their life time. >> and i kea intoxication. what happen when a drunk woman tried to slope it off in one of their display beds. to vote go to fox nows opinion comand we'll read the story that you choose in the end of the show? >> you don't have to worry about the sun in your eyes for this air show. it is in the dark. look at the one of a coined experience. >> and a head the stories of gloom andom. we bring you a success story. hear from an enterprisining 11-year-old next. ♪ [ male announcer ] nobody knows where or when
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i had seen pictures, but you get out here and figure out how dope it is. >> this is a god thing. man had nothing to do with it. it is his earth and we live on it.
9:50 am
and there is no. irrigation wells near here. it is just something that happen. >> dhek on on check it out. resident in kansas are heading to the scone to check it out. authorities say the hole a pores to be getting bigger and they are not sure how to stop it at the moment. >> remember the sequester? it is forcing a premier air show to cover costs. that is trending on line right now. the group that runs the air venture air she donates profits to youth programs and in the first time in the history of the show, the fa a is pulling funders. they had solid tickets and needed to come up with a extra
9:51 am
four frep thousand in cash. the epa paid half of that and asked the court to help federal court to help out, and it does a couple night shows, and that may make you wonder what that is, and hundreds of fan is showing up for the twilight performance. and then quite a stir, suggesting government workers in seattle are banned from using the term citizen and brown bag during official business. and it comes from the office of civil rights which says those terms may be offensive. for these and other trending stories, log on to you have a chance to choose the story you would like to hear. how mu protein
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does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learmore at
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so it was no surprise when he set out to give the world the hardest-working, best-smelling cleaners he could. like mr. clean with the scent of gain. that combines irresistible scent and powerful cleaning. and his lemon-scented anti-bacterial spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria. people sure loved having something that smelled as great as it cleaned. that's why when it comes to clean, there's only one mr. we're back. you know at a time we often hear stories about concerns or young people who may be facing tough challenges in the economy and job market? we thought it would be interesting to profile youngsters that are defying the odds. a memphis boy, 11-year-old bridges has designed a bow tie
9:56 am
enterprise, and he and his mom are joining us now live from memphis. welcome to you, and great to have you here. >> great, and thank you for having us. >> thank you for having us. >> as i understand it, your interest began when you could not find bow ties that you liked and your grandmother offered to teach you how to sew one, is that right? >> yes. >> how did your interest in bow ties come about? >> i could not find bow ties that i liked, so my lovely grandma, she has been sewing for over 80 years, or something crazy like that, and so i wanted to start my own business making bow ties. >> why was it so important for you to start your own business? >> i can't hear you. >> why was it so important for you to start your business with bow ties? >> why so sudden? >> no, important.
9:57 am
>> why so important? >> it's so important because it's me, i am starting young, and that's all that matters. plus i am handsome. >> yeah, and he decided he wanted to be a fashion designer, so we figure why wait until you are older, he likes wearing bow ties, and granny has the resources to teach him how to sew the bow ties, and we decided now is the time, you don't have to wait until you are older and if you have a dream and passion, go for it. >> did it surprise you that he had the passion early on? where does it come from? >> didn't surprise me, his dad and his grand dad, they love wearing three-piece suits just because. >> it's just in my blood. i love to dress up and wear neck ties and bow ties. >> is it really you have to pick all the fabrics yourself, and you are very specific and won't let anybody else do it? >> yes, it's true.
9:58 am
>> yes, and even something that mom likes a lot, and he is -- he stands pretty firm on his fab choices. it's a no mom, i'm not selling that, or, no, mom, i am not selling that. he is the creative director. >> i know you have made over $30,000, and you believe it's important to give back to the community and you make a bow tie to raise money to send money to camp. tell us about that. >> i see kids outside getting in trouble, and i thought if i send them to summer camp, they won't get into that much trouble. so i made the bow tie for a scholarship bow tie, and it helps kids to go to summer camp. i feel like it's good to help the community, and that's what i am doing. >> you are a remarkable young man. if people want to find out about
9:59 am
your bow tie, they can go to >> yes. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. it's time for the story that you at home picked. the winner, sweet reward. a couple teens scoring a sweep reward for a random act of kindness, and the teens saw a customer berating a employee, and the boys stood up and stuck up for them. thank you so much for watching. make it a great day.
10:00 am
we start this hour with a fox news alert on a worldwide travel warning affecting all u.s. citizens, because the u.s. state department is getting ready to shut down two dozen embassies in the northeast and other countries. so the doors at the american embassy in cairo are already closed today, and we will see more closures tomorrow. hi, everybody. good to have you here. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i am kelly wright. one u.s.